About The Kiss of Lady X
A disgraced former secret agent risks his life as well as the lives of his ragtag team as he seeks revenge against the charismatic terrorist who killed his wife.

In 2003, Lady X led a planetwide search for a series of mysterious artifacts, from Istanbul to Helsingborg, from Tokyo to New York City. She is an agent of X-Directorate, a shadowy intelligence agency that investigates paranormal threats and protects the free world from those who would use the occult to gain unnatural power.

Immediately after retrieving the final lost artifact off the coast of Australia, the globe-trotting spy mysteriously disappears, and former agent Hank Barnes is lured back into action with the promise of personal revenge. His old nemesis, Baron Frohlich, a master criminal long considered dead, has recently reappeared and is suspected of masterminding the abduction of Lady X and the theft of the microchip that is the final piece of the puzzle it has taken years to build.

Now Barnes must put together a team of operatives to retrieve the lost microchip, but the new operatives soon find themselves caught between a madman bent on world domination and an embittered agent bent on revenge.

Cast and crew
Hank Barnes
Played by Dean Karalekas
Baron Gustav von Frohlich
Played by Rowan Hunter
Andrea Crane
Played by April Langerak
Calvin "DeFrag" Brown
Played by Joshua Fairey
Milo Caprese
Played by Maurice Harrington
"Number Two"
Played by Brian Lynch
John Lu
Played by Azuma Windwalker
"Lady X"
Played by Dolly Deng

Trailer for the upcoming spy thriller "The Kiss of Lady X". Starring Rowan Hunter, Dean Karalekas, Maurice Harrington, Joshua Fairey, April Langerak, Azuma Chang and Dolly Deng. Directed by TC Lin. Trailer music by Apple and Kevin MacLeod.


Stills from the international spy thriller "The Kiss of Lady X".

About us
Maurice Harrington, Dolly Deng, Dean Karalekas and TC Lin on location for "The Kiss of Lady X"

Renegade Province Productions consists of a group of friends, co-workers, relatives and cellmates who came together in Taipei, Taiwan, under a variety of circumstances for a variety of reasons, first and foremost of which is to make films. The name of the group came from Director T.C. Lin's personal website, where he occasionally writes fake news stories under the mast "News from the Renegade Province." He and producer Dean Karalekas, who met while working at an English-language newspaper in Taipei, saw the phrase "Taiwan, which Beijing considers a renegade province..." so many times in the course of a typical copyediting day, it seemed somehow appropriate. Both shared a passion for the action/spy films of the 1960's such as the early James Bond films as well as the TV series "Mission: Impossible", and knew that Taiwan, and especially the capital city of Taipei, was an ideal location for the production of such films.

Lin, who immigrated to Taiwan in the late 1980's from the United States, met Karalekas in 2001 after returning from studying filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan, where he had made several short 16mm student films. In 2002, Lin purchased a digital video camera, since film processing costs were prohibitively expensive. Also that year, both men participated in a stage production of "A Man for All Seasons" in Taipei. It was here that they met actor/director Norman Szabo, and through him, Darrell Gallant, who specializes in music and sound production, as well as making short films of his own. Also involved in the play were actors Maurice Harrington and Dolly Deng.

TC Lin, Darrell Gallant and Norman Szabo on the set of "The Kiss of Lady X"

In 2003, after working on a couple of other short films, Lin came across the international online film competition called Lady X, and the group decided to produce two entries despite a late starting date. Lin produced, shot, directed and edited the episodes, the scripts for which were written by fantasy author Chris Jones, along with Karalekas, Szabo and Gallant, who did the music and sound. Karalekas, Harrington and Deng played the main roles. The episodes, which Lin edited together into the 17-minute Clay Soldiers, premiered in July, and after the series concluded in 2004 they won three awards: best writing, best location depiction, and best overall episode. The prize? In addition to any recognition, praise from their peers, and the satisfaction of a job well done: To make the very last episode and wrap the series up in a satisfying fashion. Not an easy task, but certainly enough of a challenge.

Karalekas and Lin decided, however, that rather than simply making another episode to cap off the series of 28 international spy films, they would instead embark on the production of a full, feature-length extravaganza, pushing the medium of digital video to its limits. Taking advantage of the lush variety of exotic locations in and around Taiwan, the group was able to realize its goal of proving that a compelling international action/spy adventure doesn't necessarily require Hollywood's deep pockets or A-list stars.

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