Month: September, 2004


26 September, 2004 (09:25) | Uncategorized | No comments

We were planning on shooting the beach scene this morning. Last night I got home at around midnight and stayed up until about 3 getting everything ready so I could get up at 5 a.m. and head out to Keelung to meet Paul. When I got up, however, all I could hear was rain pelting […]


14 September, 2004 (17:36) | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I’ve finally uploaded some test footage for the glidecam. Nothing particularly exciting as far as subject matter goes; simply me walking and runnning around in and out of my apartment. As you can see, I still need to work on my technique and tweak the weights a bit more, but overall I think it’s pretty […]


7 September, 2004 (17:46) | Uncategorized | 4 comments

UPDATE: After adjusting the weight system, i.e. using fishing weights in the compartmentalized little box at the bottom of the frame, I think I’ve just about got it balanced (it looks better, too). I’ve updated the pictures and will try to have some test footage up soon. I picked up the handle assembly today. We […]


6 September, 2004 (15:43) | Uncategorized | One comment

We had our first shoot at DV8 on Sunday night. I got there at about 11pm, but contrary to the predictions of the owner, the place still had quite a few patrons. Only one of our actors, Gabriella, was there when I arrived. She sat at the DJ booth correcting Spanish homework. Slowly but surely […]


3 September, 2004 (09:03) | Uncategorized | No comments

We’re filming our first setup in the wee hours of next Monday morning at DV8. Last night witnessed some much-needed rehearsal over at Dean’s house. Now I just have to storyboard it; this is difficult because when faced with so many options, I get storyboarder’s block. All I need to do is settle on a […]