Month: January, 2005


10 January, 2005 (15:44) | Uncategorized | No comments

People would ask me, “How long do you think the warehouse scene going to take? It’s only cutaways, after all.” And I would say, “A long time,” for several reasons: 1. I’d never been there, 2. we needed to arrange and light it, and 3. there were lots of props. But even I didn’t think […]


5 January, 2005 (17:55) | Uncategorized | No comments

After a nice long Christmas/New Year’s break, we’re set to go shoot the rest of the prison-escape scene at a smallish “warehouse” out in Banqiao this Saturday. I’d have preferred a better location, but I’ll make do with this and try to ignore the ludicrous scenario of not being able to find a proper warehouse […]