Month: November, 2006


29 November, 2006 (03:26) | Uncategorized | No comments

Clay Soldiers Finally, Clay Soldiers, which swept the international online “Lady X” competition in 2003, is online for general viewing on YouTube. The feature we’re working on is a sequel to this and a finale to the entire Lady X series. Check it out.


20 November, 2006 (16:43) | Uncategorized | 2 comments

In order to make our story a little less macguffinolicious, Dean and I came up with a new version of the film’s ending that makes use of a kind of dream world. Of course, the first place one thinks of when one is considering surreal surroundings in Taiwan is the old abandoned spaceship village up […]


15 November, 2006 (04:09) | Uncategorized | One comment

After many months of looking for a good torture room location, we ended up about 50 yards from my front door down in Bitan, at the ruins of the old police station that was abandoned when the amusement park up on the hill closed down decades ago. I’d never gone inside before, but it was […]


12 November, 2006 (17:17) | Uncategorized | No comments

Hi blog readers. Me here. Darrell. “Mr. B Camera.” As regular readers of Poagao’s many blogs, you all know that he was pretty much tied up all last weekend gigging with his jug band, the Muddy Basin Ramblers. So, with the deadline for principle photography just around the corner, I was asked to step in […]


5 November, 2006 (03:39) | Uncategorized | No comments

Last weekend we went around getting pickup shots, as there were no major scenes planned. Dean and I got some sword close-ups at his house and then headed out to get shots of him on the ground in front of a previous location and then running up the stairs at a nearby office building. Then […]