Month: July, 2013

Private screening

19 July, 2013 (22:37) | Uncategorized | No comments

We held a private screening of the movie last night at Chengchih University for friends, cast and crew who have generously donated their time and efforts to making the film. I barely made it in time, as we’d scheduled it for 7pm, and I only get off work at 6. Lots of people came, and […]

A small meeting

2 July, 2013 (10:50) | Uncategorized | One comment

Dean and I met with the Taipei Film Commission people today; not the bigwigs, who were busy, but a couple of people in their office. After they eventually managed to find a laptop capable of showing a DVD (something I’d think would be rather handy at a film commission), we sat down and watched the […]