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Dean and I met with the Taipei Film Commission people today; not the bigwigs, who were busy, but a couple of people in their office. After they eventually managed to find a laptop capable of showing a DVD (something I’d think would be rather handy at a film commission), we sat down and watched the movie on the tiny screen with the tinny speakers of the Asus they’d brought in. I didn’t even think they would want to see the whole thing, just verify that it’s a real movie, but they did. Much of the time they appeared to like it, being on the edge of their seats despite the poor viewing experience.

Afterwards, however, they didn’t seem too optimistic about our chances of local distribution. Taiwan, they said, only deals in arthouse films, with a smattering of slapstick comedy. What about Hollywood action films? I wondered. “They love those,” I was told, “provided they are from Hollywood.” One major problem with our film is that we don’t have any big, well-known stars.

Still, they said they would help us look around, so we’ll see what happens. We’ll hold a private screening for cast and crew in a couple of weeks, in any case, and should any movie company reps happen to slip in the side door, well, so be it.

Ten years ago today, Lady X: Episode 5, the second and final of our original episodes, went live on the website. Don’t bother looking for the Lady X competition site; it’s long gone. Time flies.


Comment from L.F. Lee
Time: 2014-04-25 - 02:48

The original Lady X competition website may be gone, but the old one is still archived…



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