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Welcome to the Renegade Province Production Journal. Here I’ll be writing about the production of the sequel to Clay Soldiers. We’re doing this with no budget to speak of, with only the tools and equipment we already have or can fashion with crude lathes. The movie will probably end up being feature length, chock full of action, special effects and exotic locations.

I have no idea how we’re going to pull it off, but somehow we will, and this is the place to find out how we do it.



Comment from TC
Time: 2004-08-22 - 14:42

Crude lathes…get it? Heh, heh….ah, well. At least I know the comments work now.

Comment from Anonymous
Time: 2004-08-23 - 15:55

Too bad the jokes don’t.


Comment from TC
Time: 2004-08-23 - 17:17


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