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We were thinking of shooting tomorrow (Saturday) morning up at Fu-gui Point, but Dolly’s on standby duty for China Airlines until 9am, and the weather’s been a bit iffy lately, so we decided to call it off. Dean, Paul and I got together in the West Gate District this evening to look for props at the military supply store in the Wan-nian Bldg. After that we retired to a nearby restaurant where I doodled out some rough storyboards for the first scene, and looked at some maps to see what the best way to Fu-gui Point is.

It looks like there’s no easy way to get there; it’s located on the very northern tip of Taiwan, so it’s either a long drive over Yangmingshan or a long drive around through Danshui. If it were easy to get to, though, it would be full of tourists, so I guess it’s just as well. I must have looked at 20 places last weekend before I found that one.

As for props, all we need now is a diving knife, sheath, and a black equipment bag, like a tote bag. And possibly shark repellent.

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