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And…..four months later I’m still editing. The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be an oncoming train, I’m afraid. Whenever I think I’m getting close to the end, something happens to make me realize that I have a lot more work to do.In tiny, incremental, eggshell-tiptoeing steps as I wait for Premiere’s inevitable missive that there is an error and it needs to close now, thank you very much.

Last night, a friend of mine was over, and I showed him part of the film. He said it was too slow and I should cut more out. I told him I’d already cut a third of the movie out, including several entire scenes. But watching your film while sitting next to someone else is an entirely different experience from watching it alone. I was hypersensitive to the slightest indication of discomfiture, confusion or disapproval. He recommended a showing to a small group of people before locking the edit.

I don’t know how I feel about that. While the effects are all done, the music and sound have yet to be included, and I’m afraid I would be getting input on a whole different animal. Have you ever tried watching, say, Star Wars with the sound off? Ideally a good movie should be exciting and interesting even without sound, but there’s no denying that sound and music make a great deal of our movie experience. However, once we have the music done, the movie will be locked in; no more editing will be possible, so we’re screwed either way.

In any case, I’d thought this would be the last major edit, but it seems I (surprise) have more work to do. It is as Lucas says, that movies are never finished, merely abandoned.




Comment from Nash
Time: 2008-10-05 - 00:23

Hey Poagao,
just wanna say dont be discouraged :-)
me myself play with some video edit after work, alot of time i hear people say bad things tells me its too slow, i don’t feel good when i heard that either, i’m not a professional in any of these things, i heard your musics i saw your photo on flickr, every thing looked wonderful to me, do u enjoy it ? is your life just to please people ? i’m sorry i don’t even know you, but i just wanna say we all have our dreams, will i regraded it when i die if i didn’t do ??? you post it 5:39AM that’s pretty early when everything is just freshing and u know what you are talking about, you know you are describing your feelings, you know you don’t want to left behind, is that why u wrote that?

Comment from Graham
Time: 2008-12-09 - 08:42

Hey mate,

I have to admire your dedication – I don’t think I could keep plugging away at the same project for as long as you have. So hang in there – I’m sure when you’re done, you’ll realize it was all worth the effort.

Have you cut my scenes? ;)

Comment from poagao
Time: 2008-12-09 - 11:27

The only way out is through. Just the way it is. And I haven’t cut your scenes….much. Heh. You’ll see, I hope. I’ll be in Osaka for Christmas, if all goes to plan.

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